Child Care Financial Assistance

Family Services
Helping Families Pay for Child Care

Families are paying a significant part of their earnings for child care

Affording child care is especially difficult for single parents, families of children with special needs, parents who work nontraditional hours (evenings, nights and weekends), and low-income families.

The Child Care Financial Assistance Program helps eligible families pay for child care services for children from age 6 weeks up to age 13 (or up to age 19 if the child has special needs).

To be eligible, your family must:

Have a reason to use child care services, meet the income guidelines, and live in Vermont.

Each primary caretaker in your household must have at least one of the following reasons for needing child care:

  • Has a job
  • Is self-employed
  • Is actively looking for work
  • Is attending school or training
  • Is participating in Reach Up activities
  • Has special health needs and is unable to provide care for the child


The child receiving services has significant health or specialized developmental needs


The child receiving services has an open case with the Family Services Division of the Department for Children and Families and child care is part of the safety plan


The family is experiencing significant stress in areas such as shelter, safety, emotional stability, substance abuse, children’s behaviors, and parenting issue

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2. CCFAP Application Dec. 2022 (Print out and return)