Specialized Child Care

Child Services
Children’s brains develop quickly when they are young, and we now know that a child’s environment affects early brain development. For parents under stress, quality child care with specific supports can help strengthen their family and promote their child’s development

Specialized Child Care Services are intended to increase access to and enhance success in high quality child development programs for children.

This service is designed to help families through extremely stressful and difficult times due to concerns about appropriate shelter, safety, emotional stability, substance abuse, or child behaviors; and those with children in protective services or who have special physical or developmental needs. These services are intended to increase access to and enhance children’s success in high quality child development programs.



Are you a parent, caregiver, grandparent, foster parent, or a service provider who is working with a parent of a child and…

Experiencing Stress? Dealing with a hardship due to extenuating circumstances, and faced with losing your childcare? A family with a child who has special health needs? A parent who may have a physical or developmental challenge? Homeless? Working with a Family Services social worker? Feeling overwhelmed and impatient with your children? Feeling like you need help finding resources?

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