Families Learning Together

Youth Services

Young parenting, pregnant and at risk individuals acquire and develop job skills, and enhance parenting and life skills.

Focused on parenting skills, interpersonal skills, work readiness, increased self-confidence, and further education.

The Families Learning Together Program is designed to help young parents attain the individual skills necessary to ensure a safe, stable, loving environment for their children to grow up in. Provides comprehensive support services to pregnant or parenting teens and young parents, including:

  • Job skill development
  • Work experience
  • Group activities
  • Access to child care
  • Life skills training, and
  • Job coaching

“When I first met Jessie and all the other people at the Family Center, I had nothing,” says Britney. “I was young and selfish and I wasn’t ready to be a mom. But when I finally realized I was going to lose my son if I didn’t smarten up, I started listening to Jessie’s coaching, and it all started to click. I loved Bryson, and Jessie helped me realize I needed to grow up and take responsibility for both of us.” “In only a few months,” Britney continues, “with quality child care for Bryson and all kinds of coaching and parenting support for me, I learned important job and life skills. I got my driver’s license, a car, and even got an apartment for Bryson and me to live in. My parents were very proud of me. And I was proud of myself.”

For more information, email [email protected] or call 802-262-3292, ext. 153.