Who We Are

The Family Center is the state-designated Parent Child Center for Central Vermont. Our Board of Directors includes parents, human service professionals and community leaders from a wide range of businesses and professions. The Family Center has a staff of over 55 professionals and a budget over $2.4 million.

Our array of services includes: infant, toddler and preschool child care, playgroups for children from birth to five, parent education and outreach activities – for mothers and fathers, training for child care providers, assistance to parents in finding and paying for child care, and planning and coordinating the Central Vermont Building Bright Futures Council’s region-wide programs for parents as first teachers of their children.

Our Mission

Building resourceful families and healthy children to create a strong community.

Our Vision

Acceptance and hope for all families.


We are:

  • Family Centered: We recognize that each family has strengths and can take a primary role in its own development.
  • Responsive: We provide different types and degrees of support in partnership with families based on their needs.
  • Supportive: Our programs and services strengthen families and caregivers in their vital roles of nurturing and caring for children.

We believe in:

  • Early Investment: We build family strengths as a foundation for long-term benefits to families and communities.
  • The Right to Belong: We promote every child being a valued member of a family and every family’s connections to their communities.
  • Partnership: We engage in and support cooperation and collaboration among educators, human service organizations and families to meet family needs in practical and respectful ways.
  • Community Engagement: We promote and engage in community conversations and interactive dialogues to inform our decision making and to foster citizen investment in the well-being of young children and families.
  • Accessibility: We make every effort to offer affordable, family friendly, and accessible services.
  • Privacy & Confidentiality: We recognize each individual’s right to privacy and to control the release of personal information.
  • Thriving Staff: As a full staff, we practice each of the above principles in daily interactions with each other.