Family Support Home Visiting

Child Services
A family that receives support before a situation becomes a crisis has the best chance at maintaining a positive outlook and strong family core.

Promoting parent and child health and wellbeing


Family Support staff addresses topics such as basic infant care, health and safety, immunizations, colic, crying, child care, baby and dad issues, sleep habits, breast feeding, discipline and behavior management. Staff can also help families cope with extreme stress such as unemployment, extended illness, or homelessness.

Services are flexible to meet the needs of the family and include: planning for pregnancy, delivery, and becoming a parent; finding medical and dental care during pregnancy and for the child through age five; providing information about nutrition; or locating community resources, such as counseling, physical therapy, breastfeeding classes, play groups, and help with educational goals.

For more information, email [email protected] or call (802) 262-3292 ext. 107